Docus provides multiple built-in layouts for displaying your Markdown pages.


The default layout for every page created in the project. This layout renders multiple section alongside the content:

  • Aside navigation menu (togglable with aside: false/true)
  • Page bottom section (togglable with bottom: false/true)
  • Table of content (togglable with toc: false/true)
aside: true
bottom: true
toc: false

Your awesome content

Current page is live sample of default layout.


page layout is content focused layout. This layout does not render aside menu of table of contents.

This layout accept some configuration from content front-matter.

  • fluid: By setting fluid: true in content front-matter the content will be rendered in full width.
  • constrainedClass: Using this option you can modify layout container look. Like constraining layout width of changing the background.
  • padded: Setting padded: true in front-matter will add horizontal padding in the layout.
title: Home
layout: page
fluid: true

Check Home page as live sample of page layout

Table of Contents